The Jaguar Alliance


The sacred alliance that defines Dawn of Eden’s working relationship with the jaguar kingdom is fundamental to our unique-to-the-world ceremonies. Consequently, the back story of this alliance—how it came to be—may be of interest to some. Following are some insights from Dan Reynolds, the principal shaman for the Dawn of Eden shamanic center.

It is common knowledge shamans serve as intermediaries between the natural world and the world of spirit. Likewise, it is generally known that shamans often have animal allies in the spiritual realms.

Few realize, however, that a hierarchy of power and authority exists between the various animal allies and the jaguar kingdom is positioned at the top. This distinction affords jaguar spirits access to the highest realms of power so they might collaborate with deities and celestial beings of the highest order.

The Beginnings of a Human/Spirit Collaboration

On a July night in 2010, some pivotal occurrences took place—during an Ayahuasca ceremony—that would forever change my life. What transpired would become the underpinning of a human/spirit collaboration.

As always—having consumed the Ayahuasca brew—I was looking forward to transitioning into the otherworldly terrain where I work as a shaman. Given I often encounter the unexpected, I was alert to that possibility during this ceremony.

Even so, I was taken aback when a jaguar spirit approached —precisely as my consciousness shifted into the Ayahuasca-state—and proceeded to “merge” with my being.

I struggled for several minutes to manage our combined energy before grasping in the dark for my purge bowl. I very much needed to evacuate the energetic remnants of the jaguar spirit that had just vacated my body.

After regaining my equilibrium, I discovered yet another jaguar spirit waiting to merge with me and the process repeated itself. Before the ceremony was over, I had “hosted” numerous jaguar spirits in the manner described and each was followed by an obligatory energy-cleansing purge.

I was told a select group of jaguar spirits had just tried me on for size. The jaguar spirits in question had taken turns merging with my being to determine which one was best suited to be my personal jaguar.

Reconciling the Outrage of the Jaguar Kingdom

It was a few days following my jaguar spirit “hosting” experience before I again found myself entering the Ayahuasca-state in ceremony. Upon transitioning into the spiritual realms, I had an immediate understanding of the ceremony at hand. Namely, I was to “reconcile the outrage of the jaguar kingdom.”  

Ordinarily, I might have wondered just what might be my role in such an undertaking. In this instance, however, the jaguar spirits had already conveyed everything about the upcoming ceremony in a comprehensive information download (to include the specifics of my participation).

Remarkably, this is how information is sometimes conveyed in the spiritual realms. Not in a linear fashion. Rather, in a global—big-picture—communication that’s transmitted in a fleeting snippet of time.

Thus, I quickly grasped I was to have an interactive relationship with the jaguar kingdom and that I’ve had such shamanic collaborations with spirit in past lives. It was made clear, however, that I first needed to complete a “reconciliation of outrage” assignment for the jaguar kingdom.

Thereafter the kingdom would be allied in my shamanic endeavors, to include my future work with the much-anticipated Shift of the Ages (see The Awakening). Following is an overview of what the jaguar spirits wanted me to know and share with the Dawn of Eden audience.

●   ●  ●  

The sanctified jaguar kingdom plays a crucial role in service to humanity. They operate with a divine directive to assist in the transformation of human consciousness. However, a protocol exists—within the ancient shamanic arts—for working with these celestial agents of transformation.

Practitioners of the ancient arts know jaguar spirits generally prefer to work only with shamans who have pure hearts and good intentions. Most notably, they have free will and always reserve the right to decide which shamans are worthy of their assistance.

If a shaman is fortunate enough to establish a relationship with the jaguar kingdom, jaguar spirits can then be summoned in ceremony. They will enthusiastically provide assistance in accordance with their divine directives.

Over time, brujos—evil shamans not meeting the jaguar kingdom’s “good intentions” criteria—began to ignore the sacred covenants and hijack the powers of these animal allies. Using enslaving brujeria tactics, such brujos operate solely from Ego with greed and/or personal power their only motivation.  

This disregard of divine protocol ultimately compromised the willingness of the jaguar kingdom to serve humanity within the context of their sanctified bond. The brujeria perpetuated against them had caused energetic entanglements and pent-up frustration.

●  ●   ●  

My ceremony proceeded once the jaguar spirits realized I understood what needed to be done to remedy the existing state of affairs (they can read your mind). To begin, I was to serve as a conduit for the jaguars to vent their outrage from the world of spirit into the natural world.

As a result of my having this insight, a single jaguar spirit channeled a “growl of rage” through me into the ceremonial space. Afterward, I prayed for forgiveness for all of the abuse and exploitation the jaguar kingdom has suffered from humankind and offered profound expressions of gratitude for their many services.

My heart-felt pleas for forgiveness were always followed by a cleansing purge. This dispelled residual energy from the jaguar spirit who had just given voice to the kingdom’s outrage so I might be ready for the next one in the queue.  

In this manner, the process continued—one jaguar spirit after another—until my “reconciliation of outrage” obligation was complete. As the ceremony closed, I received a joyful embrace from the jaguar spirits with whom I was working along with a simple message, “it’s done.” The Jaguar Brotherhood—a human/spirit collaboration—was born.  

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