The Path of the Heart


If you wish to fulfill your purpose in life, follow the only path worth pursuing—the divinely-guided path of the heart.

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Harnessing Divine-Guidance

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Everyone has a primary purpose in life, but many feel their purpose has been sidetracked or is yet to be discovered. Few realize, that heart-centered guidance—intuition—is the key to pursuing their life’s purpose.

Intuition might be characterized as timely flashes of divine-guidance. The heart is the seat of intuition and one’s higher-self is primarily responsible for originating heartfelt guidance. Its goal is to inform your decision making process—with timely insights—so you might live your life “on purpose.”

This form of divine-guidance reveals itself by virtue of “feelings”—a primary means by which the Universe communicates. Thus, when making decisions, consider how alternative choices make you feel. If a given choice makes you feel good, it is more apt to be a right decision than an alternative that makes you feel bad. Feelings can steer your decisions as to what’s right or wrong for you. They are a barometer for taking measure of your alternatives.

Following your feelings—heartfelt guidance—can help you choose options for your “highest good.” This innate process is akin to having a spiritual-rudder for navigating a purposeful life.

Dawn of Eden’s shamanic work addresses this “feelings-based communication” directly to assist participants in deepening their connection to spirit. During our Jaguar Odyssey program, the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca is keenly focused on facilitating a shamanic “clearing of negative emotions.” Such a clearing assists participants who desire a better alignment with their divine nature, their higher-self.

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Banishing emotional baggage

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Negative emotions such as anger, hate, fear, guilt, shame, regret, sadness, or despair are not inherently bad. These emotions are normal and serve a purpose. Harboring negative emotions, however, can adversely affect one’s health and well-being. Moreover, if harbored, such emotions can affect one’s ability to perceive intuited spiritual-guidance as it’s intended.

In effect, emotional baggage has the potential to hamper or block one’s abilities for discernment. Thus, many sense they are out-of-touch with their feelings to the point of no longer trusting their own judgement. In such cases, one might wonder, “Am I receiving guidance or just making this up in my mind as something I want (or don’t want) to happen?”

Mental and emotional baggage can be problematic if not dealt with in a remedial manner. Fortunately, it can often be banished in full, or in part, through a shamanic clearing process. Once cleansed and purified, one’s seat of intuition—and other guidance-channels—are more reliable conduits for divinely-inspired communications.  

To learn more about the shamanic clearing process, look for information about the purge and “defragging one’s hard-drive” in Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Dawn of Eden’s transformational ceremonies can greatly assist those whose heartfelt desires include living a more spiritually-guided life. For many, Mother Ayahuasca provides the illumination of their life’s purpose and when this occurs, it is a precious gift.

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Dawn of Eden’s transformational work is tailored to individuals who desire a greater alignment with their divine nature—their true and authentic higher-self and to those awakening to a higher purpose in service to humanity.

Whether you are new to the sacred-medicine plants or a seasoned veteran, the Ayahuasca based Jaguar Odyssey and Huachuma based Chavin Renaissance will meet you where you’re at and catapult you forward in your personal and spiritual growth. To book a program, visit: We welcome your participation.

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