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Before proceeding to our website content: some ceremonial insights from Dawn of Eden regarding the coronavirus and related End Times-scenarios

“There is no sugar coating the deity-messaging we’ve received regarding this pandemic.”

• • •

As the coronavirus has spread around the world, we’ve received numerous inquiries for information from those familiar with The Awakening content on our website. We spoke of the “End Times” and “the darkness before the dawn” and urged our readers to share this relevant-to-all messaging from the divine with friends and family.

We suspect many (if not most) of our mainstream audience were skeptical or dismissive of the deities’ End Times-narrative in The Awakening. After all, one might choose to believe such dire forecasts were merely hypothetical. As fate would have it, however, the deities’ ominous End Times-narrative is becoming the world’s abysmally grim reality. It should now be clear to all; humanity is facing a nightmarish End Times-scenario with unknowable repercussions—the Covid-19 coronavirus.

As stated in The Awakening, regardless of individual reactions, we are tasked with disseminating the deities’ relevant-to-all messaging as widely as possible given it affects the whole of humankind. We continue to affirm this information—even that which seems bewildering or beyond belief—is most assuredly for real and we continue to urge our audience to share The Awakening with friends and family.

At present, we’d like to convey some insights we’ve received in ceremony regarding the coronavirus and related End Times-scenarios. To be clear, humanity has already been suffering catastrophic events around the globe. Such life-altering disasters include mega hurricanes, raging wildfires, epic floods, Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanic activity, droughts, famines, locust infestations, etc. These kinds of disasters will accelerate in frequency and intensity and occur more often in unexpected places.

Many affected by natural disasters have already experienced soul wrenching anguish—of biblical proportions—in the calamitous times we are living. Some have died, others have lost loved ones and countless more have lost their homes and livelihoods. A growing number of our brothers and sisters around the globe are desperately struggling to survive.

The novel coronavirus—as End Times-scenarios go—is a horse of a different color. It’s impacting the whole of humanity, not smaller groups of people living in one geographic region or another. There is no sugar coating the deity-messaging we’ve received regarding this pandemic:

The final extent of harm—in terms of lives lost and economic distress—was not made known to us. However, the deities were clear that the Covid-19 outbreak is a game changer. It will be relentless in the taking of lives while brutally undermining the financial stability of contracting world economies. The aftershock and ripple effects of this insidious pandemic will significantly amplify the downward spiral of global commerce already in progress.  

The deities indicate this outbreak: “signals the end of peace on Earth,” “is apocalyptic by nature,” and “there will be no return to normal.” This virus is here to stay and there will be more, five in total including the coronavirus. Consequential wars will also be part of our reality. In combination with the aforementioned natural disasters, a downtrodden humanity will be pushed to the brink with an unrelenting assault of End Times events. The human condition will be undergoing a radical change.  

As stated in The Awakening, the world as we have known it—the existing cultural paradigm—is coming to an end to make way for something new—a world with spiritual underpinnings. The deity-messaging we’ve recently received in ceremony—related to the coronavirus and other End Times scenarios—has reaffirmed this messaging.

Going forward, there will be chaos, turmoil and wide-ranging upheaval until humanity finds its way to a more enlightened existence. We are in for a rough ride. One of our ceremonial visions featured a horseman of the Apocalypse riding along with utter destruction in his wake.

In the spiritual realms, it is known that we humans must change our ways. The desire on the part of the divine has always been that humanity respect and care for Mother Nature. We are charged with being good stewards of the planet.

This charge was never intended to be a suggestion for obvious reasons. It has always been more akin to a mandate or divine imperative. Thus, the messaging we’ve received was unambiguous. There will be dire consequences for humanity’s collective failure to honor and care for Mother Earth.  Humans will begin a process—during these End Times—of relinquishing their obsession for unbridled materialism which is both unsustainable and an existential threat to the planet.

Each of us must deal with this pandemic in our own way. Wartime soldiers, for example—stricken with fear and hopelessness—often find religion in a foxhole and seek salvation from a higher power. With the coronavirus, the whole of humanity is in a foxhole. The pain, suffering and utter despair of this cataclysmic era will humble the masses and provide ample incentive for humans to deepen their connection to the divine.

Humankind will undergo a wholesale realignment of priorities as the spiritual imperative that humans live in balance and harmony with nature and spirit will not go unheeded. Moreover, with mankind’s rising consciousness (see The Awakening), humans will feel compelled to evolve more equitable ways to share the planet with their fellow man. Abject poverty, debilitating hunger and outright starvation for those less fortunate must come to an end.

The immediate challenge is for human beings to put aside their ethnic and cultural differences as well as differences in Nationality, religion, and politics. It is time to join together globally for the common goal of surviving the End Times. Humanity must be guided by love and compassion as well as such virtuous teachings as: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” “love thy neighbor,” and “there, but for the grace of God, go I.”

The deities suggest we pray daily; not just for our loved ones, but for the whole of humanity. We are also urged to offer special prayers for those who have lost their lives and for the families they left behind. Their immeasurable grief echoes in the realms of spirit.

The key going forward is adaption. “In Chinese, the word for crisis 危机, also bears the meaning of opportunity.” One must look for opportunities brought forth by the crisis-times we are living.

• • •

That concludes this update of the deities’ End Times-messaging. The deities will provide illuminating insights along the way as humanity navigates uncharted waters. We invite you to revisit our site from time to time as we sometimes add to or refine the deity-messaging we are conveying.

An important note

Knowledge of the End Times era is best understood within the context of the bigger picture—the much-anticipated Shift of the Ages—the preordained [epoch-making] destiny of humankind—The Awakening.

There’s more than a light at the end of the tunnel. Beyond the End Times, there exists an unfathomable reality. The splendor and majesty of a Heaven-on-Earth paradise will arise as the world transforms into the ascendant grandeur of a modern-day Eden.

For all who choose to listen, let it be known: Humanity is receiving a proclamation and clarion call from the heavens—“Phoenix rising—it’s the Dawn of Eden.”

Please share this relevant-to-all information with friends and family. You can further assist the dissemination of our divine-messaging with a donation.

Blessings to those donating to our human/spirit collaboration—the Dawn of Eden Project. No contribution to our holy undertaking goes unnoticed and no contribution is too small to make a difference.

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