The Biblical End Times

The Biblical End Times


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On September 23, 2017, a foretold sign of major significance appeared in the heavens. The anticipated sign was the maiden—the constellation Virgo —clothed with the Sun, with the moon beneath her feet, wearing a crown of 12 stars and aligned with a particular array of planets.

Often prophesy is without merit, but we’ve confirmed [in ceremony] this particular “sign-in-the-heavens” was the biblically prophesied harbinger of the End-Times. Suffice it to say, the Universe has given humanity a heads-up.

Visions of End Times scenarios have been on our radar for some time. We’ve “seen” in ceremony a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters: floods, droughts, famines, wild fires, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., along with mega Earthquakes [some with corresponding tsunamis]. As well, we are “seeing” some consequential wars are imminent.

The End Times will not be the end of the world. Though, in essence, the world we have known—the existing cultural paradigm—is coming to an end to make way for something new—a world with spiritual underpinnings. The Universe requires a fresh canvas—a different world stage, so to speak—upon which to usher in a Golden Age.

As our world-of-duality transitions into an alignment with the divine, humans will ultimately come into a state of balance and harmony. However, mankind has a tendency toward inertia and resistance to change. Consequently, chaos, turmoil and wide-ranging upheaval will dominate this critical transition as humanity finds its way to a more enlightened existence.

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An important note

Knowledge of the End Times era is best understood within the context of the bigger picture—the much-anticipated Shift of the Ages—the preordained [epoch-making] destiny of humankind—The Awakening.

There’s more than a light at the end of the tunnel. Beyond the End Times, there exists an unfathomable reality. The splendor and majesty of a Heaven-on-Earth paradise will arise as the world transforms into the ascendant grandeur of a modern-day Eden.

For all who choose to listen, let it be known: Humanity is receiving a proclamation and clarion call from the heavens—“Phoenix rising—it’s the Dawn of Eden.”

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