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The Awakening

The Awakening is the much-anticipated Shift of the Ages—the preordained [epoch-making] destiny of humankind.”

Please Note Before Proceeding:

We fully recognize the deity-messaging conveyed in The Awakening is—for the most part—unknown to the mainstream. For that reason, it will be challenged. It will ring true for some, and be disquieting for many. Others will express their skepticism or disbelief.

Regardless of individual reactions, we are tasked with disseminating this relevant-to-all messaging as widely as possible given it affects the whole of humankind. We wish to affirm this information—even that which seems bewildering or beyond belief—is most assuredly for real.

I’m Dan Reynolds the principal shaman for the Dawn of Eden shamanic center in Iquitos, Peru. I work with my close associate, Denis Montes, a gifted shaman-Oracle. We are dedicated, through our work, to the evolution of human consciousness utilizing the sacred medicine-plants Ayahuasca and Huachuma (also known as San Pedro).

I will discuss our extraordinary transformational work with these much revered medicine-plants elsewhere. To begin, I’ll overview Dawn of Eden’s purpose as it relates to our ongoing communications with the divine. Such communications have taken place over the last several years and have included important messaging for humanity.

Our dialogue with the divine has, in fact, formed the basis of a human/spirit collaboration that is exceedingly relevant to our times. Denis and I are, in essence, messengers of the divine in a holy undertaking known as The Dawn of Eden Project. We operate on the human side of this sanctified collaboration, and serve as spiritual intermediaries for the Egyptian deities.


To state the obvious, gods and goddesses are not wandering the planet in present times, but the Egyptian deities exist. They oversee, guide and inspire humankind from celestial realms in order to shape the evolution and spiritual trajectory of modern man. At present, they are extending a hand with a special alliance of support, the aforementioned, Dawn of Eden Project.

Additional context might facilitate a better understanding of the Dawn of Eden Project. Therefore, our audience should know that humanity has entered a phenomenal new era in support of an entirely new culture and spiritual paradigm. More specifically, humanity has arrived at the Dawn of Eden—the imminent coming of the so-called “Golden Age.”

Some people have a vague notion what the term Golden Age suggests; others not so much. It is, among other things, an era of enlightenment. However, in the realms of spirit, this time frame is also known as, The Awakening. It is the much-anticipated Shift of the Ages—the preordained [epoch-making] destiny of humankind. I’ll speak more of The Awakening in a bit as its implications for humanity are astounding.

I’ll first address the era in which we are currently living because this time frame speaks to what’s in store for humanity going forward. An era of enlightenment is approaching because our sun is coming into a rare alignment with the galactic core, the dark rift of the Milky Way. This infrequent phenomenon takes place in long-term cycles (every 13,000 years).

The spiritual—and evolutionary—significance of this particular alignment has to do with the nature of the energetic wave-forms emanating from the galactic core. These wave-forms, in their very essence, function as ascension frequencies. As such, they are capable of intensifying the evolutionary impulse in increasing numbers of the world’s population.

People function like cosmic-antennas through their chakra systems. Thus, metaphorically speaking—in cell-phone parlance—humans will be transitioning from a meager signal strength—in their sacred connection to the Divine—to an optimum five-bar connection. As a result, humanity will more reliably receive guidance from the realms of Spirit. Indeed, the stage is being set for a quantum advancement in the evolution of human consciousness.

As our sun’s alignment with the galactic core progresses, this much-improved guidance from spirit will ultimately morph into a melding of the realms of Heaven and Earth. Humans will begin to experience a new cosmology—an “as above, so below” reality—as the dominions of spirit (The Absolute) converge with humanity’s world of duality (the relative world).

There’s a darkness before the dawn

The Dawn of Eden Project may resonate as spiritually uplifting for many. However, the deities’ revelation of this initiative has been, fatefully, accompanied by notice of an ominous nature. Namely, the age of enlightenment will be ushered in as humanity endures the so-called, “End Times.”

On September 23, 2017, a foretold sign of major significance appeared in the heavens. The anticipated sign was the maiden—the constellation Virgo —clothed with the Sun, with the moon beneath her feet, wearing a crown of 12 stars and aligned with a particular array of planets.

Often prophesy is without merit, but we’ve confirmed [in ceremony] this particular “sign-in-the-heavens” was the biblically prophesied harbinger of the End-Times. Suffice it to say, the Universe has given humanity a heads-up.

Visions of End Times scenarios have been on our radar for some time. We’ve “seen” in ceremony a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters: floods, droughts, famines, wild fires, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., along with mega Earthquakes [some with corresponding tsunamis]. As well, we are “seeing” some consequential wars are imminent.

The End Times will not be the end of the world. Though, in essence, the world we have known—the existing cultural paradigm—is coming to an end to make way for something new—a world with spiritual underpinnings. The Universe requires a fresh canvas—a different world stage, so to speak—upon which to usher in a Golden Age.

As our world-of-duality transitions into an alignment with the divine, humans will ultimately come into a state of balance and harmony. However, mankind has a tendency toward inertia and resistance to change. Consequently, chaos, turmoil and wide-ranging upheaval will dominate this critical transition as humanity finds its way to a more enlightened existence.

The deities will provide illuminating insights along the way as humanity navigates uncharted waters.

More details on a positive note

These are challenging times, no doubt. Yet, viewed through an optimistic lens, we are living in auspicious times. Auspicious because we humans possess an instinctive impulse—a mysterious, inexplicable urge—to become one with our authentic-self. This often manifests as a desire for self-realization and spiritual transcendence. Though, the essential nature of this evolutionary impulse is that we humans are endeavoring to find our way home.

Despite the hardships ahead, it is uplifting to know humanity is poised upon the threshold of an extraordinary leap in consciousness. This will be a fundamental change on an individual-level—a radical shift from one way of being to another.

Individual evolution, and the enlightenment of all humanity, are transpiring in an organic step-by-step fashion. As individuals attain incremental levels of higher-consciousness, their accomplishments become part of a subtle energy field—an energetic matrix of sorts—which unifies humankind. Some refer to this as humanity’s collective unconscious.

There are ripple effects. Namely, it becomes easier for the next person to achieve an elevated level of consciousness. The Awakening process is growing exponentially and the rising tide of higher-consciousness floats all boats.

We are moving into the heart of the human dream as we approach the epoch-making destiny of humankind. When a critical mass is reached—the much-anticipated tipping point—those following their evolutionary impulse will fully align with their divine nature—their true, authentic, higher-self.

The Awakening will give rise—in glorious fashion—to an “on Earth, as it is in Heaven” state of enlightenment. Limitations of the relative world (duality) will dissolve as humans achieve the unfathomable state of unity-consciousness. At long last, humankind will be in resonance with the cosmic order of the divine—the spiritual realms of The Absolute—the All That Isthe living Universe.

What will this mean for humanity?

The Awakening will favor humans with enlightenment and the opportunity to live in grace and divine communion within the very flow of creation. In the transcendent era of enlightenment—the Golden Age—human beings will possess extraordinary powers and live upon the Earth as avatars of the divine. The splendor and majesty of a Heaven-on-Earth paradise will arise as the world transforms into the ascendant grandeur of a modern-day Eden.

By way of tribute

Mankind’s evolving consciousness, and the resurrection of humanity’s lost connection to spirit, embody the quintessential essence of the Phoenix rising. For this reason, the deities decreed the release of the revered Egyptian Phoenix. This exceedingly rare occurrence was authorized to honor, commemorate and bless the holy nature of this long-awaited spiritual resurgence.

For all who choose to listen, let it be known: Humanity is receiving a proclamation and clarion call from the heavens—“Phoenix rising—it’s the Dawn of Eden.”

Please share this relevant-to-all information with friends and family. You can further assist the dissemination of our divine-messaging with a donation.

Blessings to those donating to our human/spirit collaboration—the Dawn of Eden Project. No contribution to our holy undertaking goes unnoticed and no contribution is too small to make a difference.

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