Wyly, United States

When I booked my workshop at the Dawn of Eden with the shamans of the Jaguar Temple of Transformation in April of 2019 for four ceremonies, it was with apprehension. Two years prior, I experienced my first 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies deep in the jungle outside the city of Iquitos with another center. Like many people seeking this kind of healing, I did my homework prior to coming out the first time: learning about the city, the grounds for ceremony, the culture itself, the shaman I was to work with, and the effects of the sacred medicine. Also like most, I had no idea what I did not know. Looking back, what I should have worried about most were three things:

1) Preparation of the Ayahuasca itself (are there additives to the brew? is the shaman a worker in the light or somehow unbalanced?)

2) Security for participants (how the shaman/facilitators interact during and outside of ceremonies with participants)

3) How the shaman are regarded by the community it serves.

It is very apparent to me now just how unsafe (mind, body, and spirit) my first 3 ceremonies outside of the Jaguar Temple of Transformation were. Firstly, the Ayahuasca was prepared at the other center with toe (an addictive that many shaman would consider desecrating) along with other admixtures. Most shaman would agree that Ayahuasca should be prepared chiefly using only two ingredients: the Ayahuasca vine itself and the leaves they interact with (Ayahuasca vine + chacruna leaves). These are the only ingredients utilized at the Dawn of Eden complex. There are no additives. It is a pure experience in that regard.

Some first-time participants may have anxiety about having a “bad trip” or being taken advantage of when under the influence of such a powerful medicine, which can unfortunately occur in a less reputable establishment. In my first three ceremonies in the deep jungle a couple years ago, there were two ceremonies that were highlighted by a facilitator inappropriately touching one of the participants. This story is unfortunately par for the course in the jungles of Iquitos especially when taking Ayahuasca tourism into consideration. Some people are motivated more by easy money than by the healing that the sacred medicine can provide. Unfortunately, those dangerous people are becoming over represented as the world learns more of the healing properties of Mother Ayahuasca. Fortunately, this is not the case at the Dawn of Eden compound; healing, elevating consciousness, and helping stimulate personal growth are paramount goals of Master Shaman Dan Reynolds and Shaman Denis Montes.

Most of the lodges that I found online were located out in the jungle – away from any sort of oversight or control, let alone medical services should they be needed, much like my first 3 ceremonies two years ago. The Dawn of Eden Compound and the Jaguar Temple of Transformation it houses are in the city itself; mere minutes from the city center, and any emergency services should they be needed. It is a member of the Iquitos Chamber of Commerce and is both physically accessible and transparent in its goals.

Shamans Dan Reynolds and Denis Montes, along with the Shipibo singers utilized during ceremony, were absolutely professional and focused on either healing or integration at all times. Their professionalism and conduct cannot be overstated. I felt not just comfortable interacting with their team, but indeed welcomed home by them. They are in total harmony with the community that they support. This was an enormous departure from my first experiences a couple years ago.

Outside of ceremony, the compound itself is exquisite. Suites accommodate 2 beds. There is a bathroom in every suite. There is Wi-Fi, few insects (wow!), and even a calming waterfall on site. Food is prepared to order by an amazing chef, and if you like Ceviche (the National Dish of Peru), you’ve come to the right place! The Ayahuasca experience can be uncomfortable to say the least, knowing that comfort outside of ceremony was only a few steps away (even if that just meant a midnight shower) provided so much relief and made the process of ceremony itself so much easier.

I could talk for hours about the best practices utilized at Dawn of Eden, or the unique sound system in use during ceremony that aids in concentration and synchronicity, but some things are better experienced than talked about.

In short, I feel confident recommending Dawn of Eden to any that seek the sacred medicine; especially for those with wounds from war; whether visible or otherwise. I can definitively say that your safety, security, and growth are the most important facets of your stay at the Dawn of Eden. Though this is relatively brief, I am happy to answer any questions that may arise or to give any information I’ve accrued to those that seek it. Simply ask Master Shaman Dan Reynolds for my info, and he will provide it.

The Jaguar Temple of Transformation is just that: transformative. If you seek an experience in the light, for healing and growth, and have a strong heart – if you are to go anywhere in Iquitos, my suggestion is to look no farther than Dawn of Eden. For your growth, investment, and time there is no better alternative.

Wyly, United States

Kyle, Canada

Leading up to my recent trip to Peru, I had an interest in participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony. Having it be my first time, I was very cautious and did my research as to which place would be right for me. With the sacred medicine leading you into a vulnerable place I wanted to make sure that the medicine was brewed with no additives and that the intentions of the shamans were pure. When I found Dawn of Eden, I instinctively had a great feeling about the center. After speaking with Dan, learning about the Jaguar Temple of Transformation and reading testimonials from previous passengers, I knew I had found the place.

As I mentioned, this was my first ceremony – so I had my anxieties leading up to it. The day before my ceremony, Dan met me at the airport and took me to the Maloca where the ceremony would be taking place the next day. We discussed what my intentions were leading into the ceremony and how he found his calling to be a shaman. By the time we had finished our first conversation; all of my anxieties had been lifted and were replaced by a calm belief in the healing work of Ayahuasca. At Dawn of Eden, the goals of Dan and Dennis are to provide participants with the sacred medicine with the intentions of bringing healing and growth through their journey.

There are many things about Dawn of Eden that I could rave about, but perhaps one of the most unique and powerful aspects were their use of the shamanic music as well as Hemi-Sync technology. The Hemi-Sync puts the participants into a calm, meditative brain state throughout the ceremony. While the shamanic music creates a potent atmosphere that really feels like it is driving your journey at times. I have been using the Hemi-Sync technology since arriving back home for meditation purposes and it has taken me to a much deeper connection with my practice.

The rooms were clean and comfortable. There was air conditioning, and a private washroom with a shower. I was surprised by how little mosquitoes I encountered at Dawn of Eden, but there were next to none during my 5 days there.

If you like ceviche, Rose’s cevicheria has the best ceviche in Iquitos. I ate it every day I was there and I wish I could have had it more!

I can’t even begin to describe how safe, comfortable and at ease I was at Dawn of Eden. From the day I arrived, I knew I was at a place that had pure, and positive intentions behind how they work with Ayahuasca. Since I have been back, I am learning new lessons and am seeing life in a newly discovered way. I am so happy to have found Dawn of Eden for my first ceremony, because I know this will be the place I return to whenever I feel the calling again.

Kyle, Canada

Gulnaz and Elia (Russia and Italy)

Hello Dan! It’s Gulnaz from Russia. Elia and me went to the jungle after Iquitos so didn’t have any internet connection to write you. How are you? Would like to say thank you for ceremony what we had and your generous host! Down I write about my experience.

I heard a lot about Ayahuasca. Many friends tried it and have different thoughts about it. I always felt if I gonna drink this medicine it’s gonna be in the mother-land of plant – into the Amazon. We found (I travel with my boyfriend, Elia) center Dawn of Eden in Iquitos by chance and after meeting and chatting with Denis and Dan we were confirm to drink our first Ayahuasca there. Dan is really lovely man very smart and clever. He is open to help, understanding, have a huge experience with science and meditation. Dan also have a lot of practice of using medicine plants specially Ayahuasca. Was really interesting talk with him. Denis has amazing story of his life. The way how he came to Ayahuasca and become warrior just awesome. I hope one day he will decide to write a book about it.

Well coming closer to my experience. Before to start ceremony we talked a lot about how it’s safe what to expect and everything and for me it was good because under the effect of Ayahuasca I couldn’t control much what was going on. How Dan said right – you become very open. And it’s important to have a good and trustable shaman! We were lucky for it. So on Tuesday evening we had our ceremony and it was far, far away what we expect. Ayahuasca go deep inside you, it’s know everything about you. First when medicine start work I was scare as I said before you are very open. I was trying to fight with my mind trying to stop my feelings but it was just no possible to do it, you can’t fight with Ayahuasca because basically you fighting with yourself! It’s took me a while to accept and give up to the plant and actually it is the best. Ayahuasca shows me my vices in which thoughts I’m looping myself. It shows me connection with my mother and with my boyfriend. I was feeling like them, what they are thinking, why they behaving like this. When I finally understand and accept what Ayahuasca teaching me I vomite. Believe me that was the best part of the evening. After this I felt very tranquil, warm and in total peace. The rest of the ceremony I was in this meditation mood. Ayahuasca it’s very powerful medicine. It is showing you truth about yourself. It is cleaning you.  But you should be strong to see all of it. I’m glad that I try Ayahuasca now I can correct myself and be more happy actually I’m already more happy. I’m thankful to Dan and Denis for this unbelievable experience.

Gulnaz, Russia

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I am Elia (boyfriend of Gulnaz), I would like to say that my experience with Ayahuasca it is one of the things that I would suggest to friends and family, it is a very deep work with body and mind.

The first thirty minutes, a strong feeling of nausea, and suddenly a very powerful connection with my inner animal (Jaguar) who was purging out of my entire body, a part of what it was stuck into me.

After few seconds I start feeling very light, and my mind from having a kind of black vision begins getting tranquil and then the vision of something beautiful and very colorful as a mandala appeared in front of me. Thank you.

Elia, Italy

Lukasz, Canada

Ayahuasca was calling me and my wife, so we went to the heart of the experience which was Peru in Aug 2017, a trip that we will never forget and always be grateful for which brought us closer than ever before and transformed us in a way that we would not even have known about. Before heading to the jungle for a 7 day Ayahuasca retreat, we had to stay in Iquitos which was a city in the amazon, which was an amazing experience and very eye opening.

During our stay we were having lunch at the Dawn of the Amazon Café which is amazing spot to eat, we met a man by the name of Dan Reynolds which during our conversation found out that he was a Shaman and one thing lead to another and he invited us to his Ayahuasca retreat grounds (Dawn of Eden) right in the city. First off his grounds were amazing, it was a very secure location and the construction and architecture was very nice and clean, the accommodations where very roomy and there were these two majestic cats that were always there, which they had very good energy.

This was our first Ayahuasca ceremony and we were both excited and nervous because this was not even in our plans but it just felt right and I am glad today that we went along with it. The Ayahuasca temple was very nice and safe, there was always a person there throughout the ceremony to assist you if you needed any help to go to the bathroom. Master Shaman Dan and Shaman Denis Montes made it very comfortable for us during the whole ceremony which was amazing, words cannot even explain how you feel during the whole experience it’s definitely the best money ever spent for self-healing in such a short time, I will definitely do this again.

Overall our visit at Dawn of Eden was amazing. Both Dan and Denis are amazing people which they really make you feel safe and comfortable. We also met their families which was really nice, because they are such wonderful good hearted people. It has been almost two years since our trip there and we are still in contact with Dan and Denis and those memories will last forever which I will always be grateful for.


Lukasz, Canada

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Dawn of Eden’s transformational work is tailored to individuals who desire a greater alignment with their Divine nature—their true and authentic higher-Self and to those awakening to a higher purpose in service to humanity.

Whether you are new to the sacred-medicine plants or a seasoned veteran, the Ayahuasca based Jaguar Odyssey and Huachuma based Chavin Renaissance will meet you where you’re at and catapult you forward in your personal and spiritual growth. To book a program, visit: www.dawnofeden.com. We welcome your participation.

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