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The Jaguar Odyssey consists of three Ayahuasca ceremonies in the—unique to the world—Jaguar-Temple of Transformation.

Dawn of Eden’s Jaguar-Temple of Transformation

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The Jaguar-Temple of Transformation, in Iquitos, Peru, is a preeminent destination for those seeking to deepen their connection to spirit. It has been consecrated by Egyptian gods and goddesses to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. It does so by functioning as a spiritual crossroad.

In ceremony, this humble temple becomes a doorway to the heavens and gateway to the gods. It serves as a multidimensional star gate for the venerated deities supporting Dawn of Eden’s transformational work.

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The sacred plant-teachers, Ayahuasca and Huachuma, are divine gifts to keep humanity in balance and harmony with nature and spirit. More important, they can restore one’s balance and harmony with nature and spirit, if it has been lost.

Our ceremonial work begins with Ayahuasca as it is about inner-work; work at the level of the soul. For that reason, it is often referred to as the Vine of the Soul. This holistic-medicine can provide a window into the psyche that reveals one’s true nature—one’s authentic and higher-self. It is a divine agent of transformation that allows us to know the unvarnished truth of who we are and Who We Can Become.

The Ayahuasca experience is highly individual and unique from one ceremony to the next. It involves the purification of the mind, body and spirit which can trigger a glorious process of spiritual awakening. For many, Ayahuasca’s greatest gift is the illumination of their life’s purpose.

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While the spirit of Ayahuasca is known to have male components, it is primarily considered a feminine spirit. Her work might be summarized as a process of restoring “wholeness” to one’s soul. This enables a better integration of one’s physical and spiritual worlds.

By way of a simple computer analogy, working with Ayahuasca is a bit like defragging one’s hard drive and upgrading one’s RAM. Of course, this offhand analogy doesn’t do justice to a process that is infinitely more complex.

Even so, the process may be likened—metaphorically—to defragging one’s psyche to eliminate viruses and corrupt files associated with life’s traumatic experiences. Various kinds of trauma—beginning in childhood—can compromise one’s sense of wholeness and well-being.

Depending on the trauma in question, there can be lingering adverse effects that may—consciously or unconsciously—affect one’s state of mind. For some, this can even include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In more extreme cases, one can feel as though their psyche has been run through a shredder.

Is Ayahuasca beneficial for everyone?

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The holistic-medicine, Ayahuasca, as a healing modality, will not yield benefits for everyone for a variety of factors. Much depends on the open-mindedness and heart-felt intentions of those engaging the medicine, along with their dedication and sincere commitment while working with this sacred-plant.

The best results are generally obtained by those willing to surrender to the process. While the work can be challenging, the prospects for healing and personal growth are priceless.

Many feel a few Ayahuasca ceremonies can surpass the mental and emotional healing one might accomplish with years of psychotherapy (or other healing modalities).

So what exactly does this holistic-medicine process entail?

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Ayahuasca is frequently referred to as “La Purga” for its renowned transcendental purgative effects. Most “first timers” dread the purge, but it is largely through this crucial process that Ayahuasca works her magic. It provides the cleansing, and purification necessary to rid the mind and body of toxins. It also eliminates the negative, low-frequency energies that are otherwise blocking one’s connection to spirit.

The purge is more than a physical release; it’s an emotional, spiritual and psychological release as well. This life-changing process can result in a jettisoning of undesirable mental and emotional baggage and the elimination or re-alignment of debilitating belief systems.

Learn more about “clearing emotional baggage” in The Path of the Heart.

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Participants quickly realize aspects of their “little-self”—their ego—that no longer serve them are being banished to a purge pail. This process—discarding negative or debilitating aspects of one’s ego—is precisely what enables one to come into a greater alignment with their true nature, their authentic higher-self.

You can rest assured; the feminine spirit of Ayahuasca will know you better than you know yourself. From one ceremony to the next, whatever you need most is what you will get.

Chronic depression, addictions, anger issues, and a multitude of fears, anxieties and limiting belief systems can be vanquished in a single ceremony. As the elimination of such dense, low-frequency energies progresses, one gains greater access to a higher-frequency connection with the divine.

Ayahuasca is an undeniable gift to humanity. It is the proverbial “Fast Track” for the advancement of human consciousness empowering one to achieve communion and alignment with the divine.

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In a league apart, Dawn of Eden-Ayahuasca is prepared following a divine protocol—imparted by Horus—to achieve a holy alchemy. Dawn of Eden’s hallowed brew—like the temple’s sanctified ceremonial space—is infused with the supernatural energies of the Egyptian deities. Miraculous and magical in their nature, these heavenly energies add a celestial component—a supreme catalyst for evolutionary change.

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Consuming Dawn of Eden-Ayahuasca in the sanctified temple—in ceremonies with the Jaguar-Shamans—unveils the “Holy Grail” of spiritual transformation.

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Every ceremony is a divinely orchestrated dance with mystical agents of healing and transformation. Participants typically emerge from our ceremonial work feeling unburdened and blessed with a profound sense of inner-peace. And, the cleansing and spiritual purification afforded by the Jaguar Odyssey is ideal preparation for those participating in Huachuma ceremonies held during the Chavin Renaissance.

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Dawn of Eden’s transformational work is tailored to individuals who desire a greater alignment with their divine nature—their true and authentic higher-self and to those awakening to a higher purpose in service to humanity.

Whether you are new to the sacred-medicine plants or a seasoned veteran, the Ayahuasca based Jaguar Odyssey and Huachuma based Chavin Renaissance will meet you where you’re at and catapult you forward in your personal and spiritual growth. To book a program, visit: www.dawnofeden.net. We welcome your participation.

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